Solar Savings

Welcome to the home of Your Solar Savings Project. Get ready to see what it takes to reduce costs on your project.

So what is this web site about anyway? It is the steps of a project taken resulting in "HUGE" reductions in your energy costs!

Making it simple for you is useful, but more importantly, doing it in such a way that you can start right now doing things that will add up to "HUGE REDUCTIONS" in the end.

I will be breaking this down into the following sections:

1. Preparing for solar heating and air conditioning - heating and cooling with solar energy.

Heating Preparations

2. Preparing for solar water heating - saving with solar water heating.

Water Heating Preparations

3. Identifying appliance efficiency - solar energy for your appliances.

Identifying Appliance Efficiency

4. Lighting in and out - solar energy for your lighting needs.

Lighting Efficiently Preparations and Design

The above 4 steps are in the sequence of the what uses the most energy first and the next most energy and so forth. Please follow these steps for your solar savings. I have taken this into consideration in an effort to help you save the most amount of energy/money first with the least expense. In this way your ROI is bigger and faster and you can move onto the next step sooner.

Did you know that many Americans could afford to replace thier dependancy on electricity from the electric companies IF "they reduced the large percentage of energy they "WASTE". Too many cannot afford the increasing costs of electricty. Following the steps above will prepare you by reducing your electric bill, leading up to the point of affordability for solar.

I am going to show you how to become energy "Savy" and provide you with the links directly to products that will save you both energy and money. These will be conveniently located on each page throughout this web site. So once you are ready to purchase your solar products they will be available in both banners and text links. Find out what your solar savings will be!

For more selfish reasons I want you to help me make our planet healthy and beautiful again, by becoming energy efficient and using solar energy. I have seen our rivers and streams change to unhealthy colors, our oceans with known death zones and our skies thick with toxic spew. Solar savings has many other benefits not readily seen and are indirectly responsible for benefits associated with their use.

What one individual does really matters. That one individual can grow to 2 and as this progression takes place things do get better. It will take awhile and if only by our persistence we will see "Mother Nature" in her youthful beauty, once again.

Another way we can restore our environment to a healthy one is through the practice of Permaculture. "Permaculture is not the movement of sustainability and it is not the philosophy behind it; it is the problem-solving approach the movement and the philosophy can use to meet their goals and design a world in which human needs are met while enhancing the health of this miraculous planet that supports us.”

Most of my time these days are spent on activities related to Permaculture Design. I am now a certified Permaculture Designer internationally recognized and applying my skills in the "Heartland" of America. Restoration Agriculture is now my specialty with the use of solar in each of my designs.

The best selection and best priced solar kits on the web

Ask Solar Bob Your Questions
Ask Solar Bob page is for you to ask any questions you have about solar or related subjects.
Permaculture Design
Permaculture design based on ethical design principles addresses whole systems. Conscious design based on the natural and harmonious alignment with the environment both local and global scales.
Latest News In Solar
Solar Breakthroughs, New Web Page Content and Changes, Fun, Photos, Announcements on how you can utilize the power of the sun at home, at work, with your children and more.
Links to recommeded web sites that are helping to ensure your future survival.
Links to recommeded web sites that are helping to ensure your future survival.
Heat Transfer
By understanding and addressing heat transfer you can benefit in energy efficiency that will save you money on your Solar Savings Project.
Heating Preparations
Heating Preparations a standard list of how to reduce energy waste and save money on your electric bill AND your solar costs.
Water Efficiency - Why Reduce the Flow ?
Water efficiency by reducing the flow of water wether washing your hands or taking a shower can reduce costs of water and heating water substantially without sacrificing convenience.
Water Heating Preparations
Water heating preparations, locating the waste and sensible solutions.
Appliance Efficiency
Appliance efficiency, rating, planning and savings.
Lighting Efficiently
Lighting efficiently reduces energy and money waste and is a part of your solar savings project.
Solar Savings Chart. See why we think you cannot Afford to go without Solar.
Solar Savings Chart compares savings, benefits and <b> More </b> based on your current electric bill.
Brief description of HERS and link to Accredited Professional in your state.
Water Heating Efficiently
Reduce your solar sytem requirements in half by water heating efficiently.
Solar Panels - 3 Types
Understanding the 3 types of solar panels and how they figure into your <b> Solar Savings Project </b>.
Water Heating Panels
Determining your solar water heating needs.
Solar Electric Panels
Determining what Solar Electric Panels you will need for Your Ideal Solar System.
Solar Water Heater
Solar Water Heater. When and where it makes sense.
Solar Heating
Converting to solar heating from your current fuel heating.
Solar Kits
Solar Kits are complete grid tied systems from 5kW -100kW.
PV Panels
PV Panels for all your solar projects .
Inverters that are recommended for long lasting service.
Attic Fan
Attic fan and ventilation powered by solar energy are great ways to reduce temps in summer and mold and mildew in the winter too!
Solar Tube
Solar tube a great way to put sunlight without the heat where you would like it and save money and your planet.
Solar Air Heater
All about solar air heater, how they work and how you can do this yourself.
Solar Air Conditioning
Solar Air Conditioning a product whose time has come. Pre release from China.
Saving Money with your lighting needs is a key step for your Solar Savings Project .
LED Bulbs
LED bulbs, large selection for residential, commercial and municipal needs.
Solar Shades
Solar shades in designer styles with solar protection, eco friendly materials that will help save on your energy bill.
Manual for newsletter subscribers.
Outdoor Lights
Outdoor Lights that are solar powered have been around for awhile.
Solar For Your RVs
Solar for your RVs - Motor Homes, Motor Cycles and other outdoor electrical needs.
Solar Battery Charger
Looking for a solar battery charger? With a large variety of batteries on the market today recharging them with solar power make sense!
Solar for Businesswomen
Came across solar powered items for businesswomen.
Solar Affiliate
Know someone who is interested in residential or commercial solar? Get paid as a Solar Affiliate for referring them to a reputable source for the USA.
Solar For Children
Taking a look into the future regarding the careers for your children in the solar industry. Books,solar projects photos of futuristic solar cities and more.
Solar Science Projects
Solar science projects, fun and educational.Solar toys too!
Bobs story
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Boats Ships.
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